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Title: Satin Nighties

I have got a strong fetish for my girlfriend?s satin nighties which I love to wear when she is away. She has got a gold one and two black ones one of which is made of a particularly soft and shiny fabric? that one I use to wear more often and once I have put it on, I like to lay in front of a mirror and watch myself in satin – do things to myself. Besides the actual feel of satin caressing my skin I love to see the way satin wraps my body, taking the shape of my tummy as I breath, following each of my movements. We may say that I love to watch myself in satin as much as I love to actually wear it. I have got quite a few pictures of me wearing nighties and also some videos which I use to watch whenever I feel like being in satin... but I cannot because she is in the house. Sometimes I wear satin under my everyday clothes, too while going out shopping. Sometimes I fancy about a person who could watch me and then say "Hey you look nice in that nightie!" then we might go for some fun together - then it would be me in satin... but this is something else! I have got a weakness for her one-piece swimsuits too which I find so tightly exciting and which I use to wear as well while she is not there

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